Submitting Claim Documents

In order to submit claim information and/or documents, there are the following options:

Berkley Entertainment has implemented a feature that allows emails and attachments to go from the sender directly into our claims management system with notification to your adjuster.

Simply send your email and any attachments to [email protected] with the appropriate claim number in the subject line. Acceptable claim number formats include:

  • For claims that were filed before October 7, 2019, use the seven digit numeric claim number (i.e. 1234567)
  • For claims that were filed after October 7, 2019, use the numeric claim sequence number. For example, for claim 73 WC 000000012345 the sequence number is 12345

Otherwise, complete the form below and upload any attachments.

Upload Claim Documents

Please complete the contact information and upload your claim documents for those accounts with an assigned claim number.

NOTE: All data is transferred over HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure).

Files cannot exceed 2 GB

    * Denotes required field.